What we do at Green Lion - some examples

FOR A MULTI-NATIONAL SERVICE PROVIDER … which of the seven overseas markets in which we currently operate should we target our next recruitment drive?

FOR A SPECIALIST SERVICES COMPANY … we are developing a new product – can you name it, develop a marketing strategy for it, and help us produce all of the support materials we need to successfully launch it?

FOR A MAJOR UK RETAILER … can you help our senior managers understand the importance of good internal communications?

FOR A CONSUMER GOODS MANUFACTURER … we need to outsource the management of our new brochure – could you handle it for us?

FOR A LEADING UK PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ORGANISATION … can you analyse and package the results of our employee opinion survey for presentation to our main board?

FOR A GOVERNMENT AGENCY … what are the key “economic dependencies” of organisations within key industrial "clusters"?

FOR A GLOBAL HOSPITALITY BUSINESS ... could you help us with our reputation as an employer?

FOR A FINANCIAL SERVICES BUSINESS … what is our “employee proposition” and how can we most effectively take it to our key target audiences?

FOR A FTSE 100 COMPANY … can you work with us to better understand the fundamental needs of our customers to inform our product innovation processes?

FOR A INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION … help us to understand why our employees answered some of the questions in our employee opinion survey the way they did?

FOR A COMMUNICATIONS BUSINESS … can you help us develop a sales presentation to land a major new customer?